About The Blog

I suppose I’m probably doing the Search Engine Optimization Gods a disservice by not making this blog “about” something in particular. It’s not going to be a sports blog, a gaming blog, a politics blog (particular “FSM forbid” on that one), a movie review blog or any one of a dozen other themes… though it may touch on any and all of those at various times.

The real answer is this is my attempt to channel my random scribblings from various channels into something a little more structured…. whatever that ends up being. My main writing outlet of the last few years was being a five-time Top Writer on the website Quora.com but lately I’ve been finding that a little limiting — since it’s structured in a “question and answer” format, you can only answer what someone else asks AND that 10 other people haven’t answered better than you. Well, there’s no rule stopping you from answering anyway, but at some point you start to come across as a self-indulgent twit.

I also toss out the occasional rant on Facebook, but I felt like I wanted to start putting those in their own place and linking them, rather than just throwing walls of text at Bob From Two Jobs Ago, That Kid From 9th Grade, and The Dude I Friended Because We Played The Same Facebook Game Five Years Ago But Whose Memes I Still Kinda Enjoy.

So, let me lay out some general… “expectations”?… seems so formal… of what you might see here.

As far as the ads and the general flavor of the site… I’ll probably pay for some sort of premium plan and get rid of the ads, but I want to get my legs under me before I bother. In the meantime I apologize for the ad spam.

Schedule-wise, I have it my head that I’ll want to post something once a day, just to start building good habits and get myself writing more, but that’s not a commitment. Sometimes I might post two or three things if the muse catches me; sometimes I might blow it off. I also have the ideas of doing some recurring “features”, but I’m still playing around with that.

Let’s talk topics.

The light stuff — music, movies, sports, gaming, whatever book I’m reading, or whatever show I’m binging on Netflix — will be discussed with great gusto. You know: the reindeer games. That’s the fun stuff, and that’s probably where I’ll be spending most of my time.

When it comes to politics and current events — I’m not going to shy away from it when I feel strongly about something, but I also don’t especially want to be The Politics Guy. Frankly, I’m OK with pointing you toward Gin And Tacos and Stonekettle Station as two guys who already say most of the stuff I want to say better than I would say it. And they have merch available.

I won’t talk in any great detail about work. I’m an IT worker bee at a local university, so I might talk IT shop in general terms, but I don’t plan to get into anything specific about my job or the people I work with. Frankly, I don’t even friend co-workers on social media until either they or I move on to a new job. That’s just one of those walls I wish to maintain.

Similarly, I probably won’t talk much about my family. I love my family, but they’re entitled to their own lives and their own privacy. That wouldn’t stop me from posting the occasional funny incident or bon mot that comes up, but I’m not going to pimp out every facet of their lives out for my own amusement.

If I think of anything more, I’ll be happy to add it later, but that should be enough to get started. In the words of Marty DeBergi: “But enough of my yakkin’. What do you say? Let’s boogie!